Develop a wealthy mindset and life

Your own mind can be your greatest asset, yet at the same time it can also be your greatest liability.

The way you think will determine the decisions that you make daily. You do not have to be financially well off or rich to be considered wealthy.

A wealthy mindset is all about feeling empowered, happy, your well being and enjoying life. Everyone has gone through a period of time where they have felt worthless, felt like they’re stuck in a rut that they can’t get out of and don’t feel valued. These feelings are self destructive and will affect your quality of life.

 I know several who are financially rich, but have a poor mindset. I also know others who are financially poor, but they have a wealthy mindset.

Your mindset is key difference between your living a life full of wealth and happiness. It isn’t hard, with just a few simple tweaks in your beliefs, you too can live a life full of wealth.


How many days have you struggled to get out of bed, continually pressing snooze on your alarm, before finally dragging yourself out of bed only to complain in your head about not wanting to face the day ahead? Not only does this set you up for a day full of negativity, it will affect your mindset throughout the day with your tasks ahead.

  • Wake up earlier than you need to. This way you have more time to prepare yourself for the day and achieve some tasks before you start your day.
  • Meditate or read something positive. Not only does this relax your body and mind, it connects you to all the things in your life that bring you joy.
  • Practice gratitude. Being grateful is one of the best practices for developing a wealthy mindset and starting your day off on a positive note. Being grateful makes your appreciate all the finer things in life that we take for granted each day.
  • Write down a list of tasks you want to achieve in the day. This sets up your day because it gives you purpose for the day ahead and gives you something to look forward to.
  • Smile. Something as simple as smiling honestly makes a massive difference in the morning. I smile while I wash my face, brush my teeth and it brings out positive thoughts.


Goal setting can take you a long way in life. Not only did it transform my life financially, more importantly, it changed my mindset completely. I began by setting goals of spending more time with family, calling a friend I havn’t spoken to in a long time, developing closer relationships with friends, family and colleagues and I set goals for how I wanted my mindset to be.

By doing this, I noticed that I developed better relationships with people, my moods were better and most importantly, I began to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Negative talk and thoughts can creep up on anyone without even realising it. Getting down on yourself is completely unnecessary and it can ruin your mind and life. Not only will negative thinking and thoughts affect your mindset, it will affect your life. Negative thoughts drastically change your decision making and the life you will live. You’ll live a life of fear, constantly being held down, not reaching your full potential. Who honestly wants to live a life full of fear, being scared and angry all the time?

Positive thoughts will completely change your life for the better. Simply uses positive phrases and words when you talk will change the thoughts that develop in your head. Saying a negative line like “ I can’t do it. I’m so stupid “ is obviously going to destroy you mentally. Instead, approach the situation with a different outlook. Practice saying lines like “ How can I do it? I will find a way to make this work.” Look at the difference. Imagine how much greater your thoughts are going to be using positive thinking when approaching challenging situations.


Why would anyone want to put themselves through a situation or a task that makes them unhappy? You don’t have to. Everyone has a choice in life about the situations they put themselves in. If you feel like you’re doing something that makes you unhappy, simply take yourself out of the situation. Don’t spend your precious time doing something that makes others happy at the expense of your own. I too used to be a people pleaser. It is possible to do both. I now focus on doing tasks and hobbies that make me happy.

Take the long weekend that you have wanted to take for months. Go on the holiday that you have been dreaming about. Listen to the songs that make you smile. Watch that movie or television program that makes you laugh. Life is too short to not do the things that make you happy.


When you surround yourself with positive minded people, you’ll begin to develop their way of speaking, thinking and actions. Positive minded people generally live a much happier life than those who are negative. Spending your time with people who are constantly negative will slowly over time bring you down to that level, without you even realising it. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time with someone who is happy, laughs and has fun living life, rather than someone who is always complaining, talking about all their problems and how hard life is?


The food and liquids you put in your body are statistically proven to make you a happier person. Not only are the health benefits great, but you’ll also feel greater mentally. It’s a win win situation. Eating a healthier diet, getting outside for some exercise, or hitting the gym for a workout makes you feel great. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment.


Practising giving back to people for no reason at all is a great way to develop a wealthy mindset. Doing something nice for someone just for the sake of doing so is a great way feel good about your self and more importantly, the other person on the receiving end of your gesture.


There you have it, these are some of the things that I have done in my life that have helped me to develop a wealthy mindset.

These tasks are not hard, they don’t require any talent or money to develop. It all starts with you. Simply by changing your lifestyle and focusing on the lifestyle that you choose to live, will give you the feeling of having a wealthy mindset and life.

Published by mcvb24

Welcome! My name is Matt and I am a 25 year old plumber from Melbounre. Growing up in a poor to middle class family, money and creating wealth for a better future was something that was always of interest to me. Although it took me a long time to work out and make a lifestyle from it, I now find great joy in being financially literate and improving my overall wellbeing. I enjoy writing blogs on topics of interest to me, so that I can hopefully inspire and help others improve their quality of life!

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