If you’re wanting to get ahead or turn your life around, goal setting is key. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

Without a clear definitive plan or goal, you’re destined for failure. Whether it is big or small, goal setting is crucial to enhancing your chances at success.

I set myself daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals and long term goals. I will go into further details about how I personally set the bar high and some of the results that I have been able to achieve doing this.

People often ask me how I have been able to achieve so much in life already financially without any assistance from parents, a high income or a dual income. The answer to this is setting the bar as high as possible and attacking it relentlessly.

When I have my mind set on achieving a goal, I attack it head on. Nothing is going to get in my way. I will run through a concrete wall if I have to. If I can’t run through it, I will break it down. I will not stop until I achieve the goal.

Having this mentality has enabled me to buy a home, have a successful share portfolio, be personal debt free, have a large cash savings and I am currently in the position to be able to add to my property portfolio, without having to use equity from my other property.

I have achieved this by 25. All on my own. No hand outs, no special treatment and definitely no lucky break. This was all achieved through hard work and determination.

Of course, along the way there is always obstacles. It is how you approach these obstacles that will determine if you derail your goal or plan. No matter what has been thrown at me in life, I never let any curve balls put me off my goal. I will not let anything get in my way. I approach my goals and dreams as if I am on auto pilot. Nothing can take me off course. It is important to never give up, not make excuses and remind yourself daily how far you have come on your journey and think about how rewarding the end result will be.


I am a very competitive person. I hate losing and no matter how small the task is, I like to do it better than anyone else around me and I like to do it the fastest and to the best standard. Each night before I sleep, I write a list in the notes in my phone about what I want to achieve the next day. Some examples are

  • Go for a workout
  • Clean out my work car
  • Setting goals on what I want to achieve at work for the day
  • Read for 30 minutes
  • Research a topic of interest

I make sure that I attack these small tasks before the day is out and that gives me a sense of achievement each day and gives me greater confidence in achieving bigger goals.


I regularly review my day to day goals at the end of the month. Whether it be financially, personally, at work or for myself. This keeps me accountable to my goals and dreams and reminds me each month of what I need to do to get where I want to be. I review at the end of the month

  • How much money I saved
  • How much money I spent
  • How much has my savings grown
  • How much do I have in my share portfolio
  • How many workouts did I get in

These may be different to your own personal goals but these are examples of constantly reviewing key areas in your life to always be improving.


These are the fun ones. At the start of the year I set large goals that I hope to achieve. The key is setting the bar as high as possible. Never set a goal that you think seems pretty achievable. Set it as high as possible. Set it at a height where you think to yourself that it is most likely unachievable. By doing this, I have been able to get unbelievable results. I was an apprentice up until I was 22. At the time, my goal was to buy a house by the time I was 25 or before I turned 26. At the time, this goal seemed enormous and completely out of reach. As you’ve seen, not only did I smash that goal, I have achieved much bigger and better things. Knowing how much I achieved and what you can accomplish by setting the bar as high as possible, I now set my goals much larger. I am currently well on track to achieve all my yearly goals and that is because I set them so high and didn’t want to let myself down and have to tell the people close to me that I failed.


Setting large life goals is what keeps me motivated day in day out. I’m not talking being a billionaire, owning high rise buildings, mansions, yachts or anything silly like that. I mean goals that genuinely are achievable to you. Some of my big life goals include

  • Being well respected and treating everyone I encounter in life with respect, genuine care and how I expect people to treat me
  • Owning 5 investment properties paid off by 50
  • Earning $20,000 in dividend income by 50
  • Only have to work because I want to and be completely financially independent by 50
  • Give my partner and our future children the life we desire
  • Be able to help my parents and in laws in their retirement because I have achieved financial independence by 50
  • Set my children up in life financially
  • Put them through a good education
  • Pay for their first home and cars
  • Give them their first deposit for their first home

Setting large life goals and ones that involve my loved ones are very important to me. Not only do I want to achieve these goals for myself, but the loves ones around me. I want to take them on my journey and share the success with them.

I constantly tell my family and loved ones of my goals because that keeps me accountable to my dreams. I don’t want to let them down and so one day, we can sit down and say our dreams and goals came true.

Setting my goals high and ones that involve the happiness of my loved ones puts a burning desire in me each and everyday that makes me want to succeed and do anything and everything I can.

The important thing about setting the bar so high is that if you happen to fall a bit short, you have still achieved so much more than what the average person will and what you would of achieved if you had not set these high standards.

So I ask of you, what are your goals in life? Sit down, write them down and set the bar high. Doing this has worked wonders for me. It keeps me motivated each day and gives me purpose in life, no matter what gets thrown at me. I believe that by setting the bar high, you set yourself up for the life that you desire, and truly deserve.

Published by mcvb24

Welcome! My name is Matt and I am a 25 year old plumber from Melbounre. Growing up in a poor to middle class family, money and creating wealth for a better future was something that was always of interest to me. Although it took me a long time to work out and make a lifestyle from it, I now find great joy in being financially literate and improving my overall wellbeing. I enjoy writing blogs on topics of interest to me, so that I can hopefully inspire and help others improve their quality of life!

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  1. ‘I will walk through a concrete wall if I have to’ is a phrase I’ll never forget. Great thanks for all the helpful posts with applicable insights. Each message bears a resonating effect that makes for easy retention. You’ve earned my respect to learn from you! Keep up the good work Buddy.

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